Posted by Paul Grimwood on Dec, 24 2016

Sally Gunnell and Fitbug Form Endorsement Partnership

Digital fitness and health platform Fitbug has entered into an endorsement partnership with Olympic gold medallist Sally Gunnell to tackle employee wellbeing in the workplace.

Sally Gunnell for at Celebrity Group - celebrity agents I bet you haven’t heard of Fitbug. Maybe you have. I hadn’t. But the Fitbug proposition is a good one: to provide online coaching services to help us all achieve our personal fitness and wellbeing goals without resorting to wholesale lifestyle changes. With its little gadget the company fondly calls the ‘Bug’, your fitness progress and nutritional goals can be managed in real time with the help of regular texts and emails to keep you on target. To promote and expand this business offering, Fitbug has entered into an endorsement partnership with Olympic gold medallist Sally Gunnell. Along with her team of experts, Sally has designed the ‘Corporate Wellness Programme’ that draws on her experience as a professional athlete. RELATED: Kinetica Sports Names Desiree Henry as Athlete Ambassador And for the corporate market, employee wellbeing is a serious issue. Stress is running rampant in the workplace and employee absenteeism resulting from depression and anxiety is estimated to cost the economy over £14bn per year according to the Confederation of British Industry. Add in rising medical costs and higher insurance premiums and the business opportunity is clear. Sometimes a celebrity endorsement partnership makes so much sense that it’s a wonder the deal hadn’t come about sooner. As well as being well known as an Olympian and TV personality, Sally has also gained widespread admiration for her philanthropic endeavours. Her personal motivations are well aligned with Fitbug’s goals, giving this endorsement partnership a resulting synergy that has the power to bring about positive change. As Fitbug CEO Anna Gudmundson confirms, “Sally Gunnell represents great inspiration for positive change and reaching goals, and her brand reflects ‘positive energy’, which is our brand essence.” Not only does Sally offer Fitbug scope for reaching a wider audience, her involvement in the project is entirely authentic. As Sally comments, “I’ve worked in the corporate market for many years now and research confirms what I know from experience; happy and healthy people are more productive, engaged and successful. Working with Fitbug allows us to reach a much larger audience, and provide a more powerful programme. That way we can have a bigger impact, and create a lasting health legacy within many organisations.” Thanks to this excellent endorsement partnership, we have no doubt that in the near future employees all across the UK will be getting the ‘Bug’. The Celebrity Group have been sourcing celebrities to take part in projects like this for nearly 30 years. Whether you require celebs for endorsement campaigns or to book them for events, The Celebrity Group are the UK's leading celebrity agents.