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Fresh research has indicated that some UK brands are willing to stump up as much as £75,000 for a single post on Facebook from a celebrity influencer, with this figure coming in at around £67,000 for the same endorsement on YouTube. A celebrity brand ambassador is a great way to get your brand out there, and not only to the UK, but worldwide.  This means that your brand and business not only get exposure locally, but all over the world to the thousands and millions of followers of the celebrity brand ambassador in question.

Affiliate marketing firm Rakuten Marketing spoke to 200 UK marketers working on influencer programmes and found that post-for-post they were prepared to pay 12% more for Facebook endorsements than they were for YouTube.  Facebook is the largest social media platform with the largest base of users in the world, and it is a good idea to invest in it.

The research also found that despite the value brands clearly place on high-profile influencer slots and celebrity brand ambassadors, the majority of those asked (86%) admit they aren’t entirely sure how influencer fees are calculated.

The challenges marketers faced around keeping track of influencer marketing have been well-documented, with fees, measurement and policing the medium having been topics of conversation in the industry of late. Agencies have been wading into the space too, with Havas being the most recent player to invest in an internal influencer division saying brands shouldn’t have to pay “over the odds” for influencer endorsements.

The Rakuten study defined a celebrity influencer as someone well known who had over 1 million followers on a platform.

Decision makers questioned from across a variety of sectors including fashion, FMCG, beauty and travel admitted that they would shell out as much as £53,000 per Snapchat post, which despite coming in at significantly less than the value they placed on other platforms, is notable given that Snapchat’s ephemeral nature means videos and pictures disappear within 24 hours of being posted.

Contact Us to broker a celebrity brand ambassador for your business or brand.  When celebrities talk, the world listens.  And when The Celebrity Group talks, celebrities listen. 

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The Celebrity Group ensures that your brand and celebrity are compatible, and that your values are the same.  We find out what brands they use, where they eat, and even what pets they have, to make sure that you and your brand only get the best and real results possible.

Celebrity Brand Ambassadors are the way to boost both sales and brand awareness, and has been proven to increase both of these up to THREE times more than a comparable campaign without.  The Celebrity Group are experts in their field, and have more than 30 years’ experience in brokering celebrity partnerships.  We are immensely proud of the work that we do, and we do it to the best of our abilities.

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