Brand Advertising Agency & Commercial Talent Agent


As a brand advertising agency and commercial talent agent, The Celebrity Group has been matching A-List Talent to major international brands for advertising, endorsement and PR campaigns since the 1970’s.

We have been instrumental in negotiating contracts for such Talent as Gwyneth Paltrow, Milla Jovovich, Elton John, Kevin Costner, George Clooney, Al Pacino, Sean Connery, Steffi Graf, Iggy Pop and many others, for advertising campaigns in Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Canada, Norway, Japan, Thailand, USA and the UK.

For almost 50 years we have been responsible for executing hundreds of contracts bringing together major Talent and Brands for TV commercials, product endorsements, personal appearances, PR campaigns and publicity as well as product launches and even guest speaking engagements.

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To get commercial rights to images of deceased celebrities, visit our other website Dead Famous.


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Highly Experienced Teams

Almost 50 years in the advertising and endorsement industry in the USA, Europe and United Kingdom. We feel we’ve just about got the hang of it now.

Skillful Fee Negotiation

We know how to cost a project and can advise our clients on the best possible terms we are likely to obtain on their behalf. Over the years we have established extensive buying power with agents and Talent which we pass on to our clients, saving them money.

Social Media Reach & Analysis

We have in-house specialists able to advise Clients on all aspects of Social Media when considering which Talent is most appropriate for a particular campaign.

Unrivalled Industry Contacts

During the 50 years we have been in the industry we have made thousands of personal contacts with agents, managers, publicists, lawyers and, in many cases, the Talent themselves

Prompt Feedback

Because we operate across different time zones and have extensive personal contacts with many agents and Talent, we are usually able to provide feedback to our clients on an initial Talent proposal within 24/48 hours.

No Contract. No Charge.

When we agree to take on a project for a client we guarantee that unless we can secure the services of the target Talent within the agreed budget we will make no charge whatsoever.

No Restrictive Affiliations

Because we are not affiliated with any specific Talent Agent we are able to be completely impartial in all our recommendations. We will always advise on the best Talent for the project, sometimes even advising against a particular Talent, based on our previous experience. Their own personal agent would be unlikely to do this.

Own In House Lawyer

We have our own in-house lawyer who has been specialising in contract negotiation for many years. He will liaise with the Talent and Client lawyers to arrive at the fairest possible terms for all parties. Our standard contracts contain strict morality, illness, accident and no-show clauses and are covered by specialist insurance.


Personal Supervision

From the very first initial approach, through the contract negotiations to the completion of the project, a representative of Celebrity Projects will be on hand at all times. We attend all shoots, throughout the world, to liaise with the Talent and the Client to ensure the effective delivery of all materials.

In House Luxury Cars

We have our own luxury Rolls Royce and Bentley cars on call for any Talent travel requirement. From airports to studios and even shopping trips between shoots. Our cars have also been used by Clients in TV shoots and commercials.


Cars, Jets & Helicopters

We are frequently asked by Clients and Talent to arrange travel by private jet or helicopter. Having arranged such travel many times we have established excellent relationships with private jet owners, operators and brokers. We can pass these savings along to our clients.

Personal Security

When called upon to do so we are able to arrange highly qualified personal security and close protection personnel who specialise in dealing with Celebrity Talent. It is also possible to arrange for Talent to be fast-tracked through airport check-in and security.

Available 24/7

Because we operate several offices in different time zones someone is always available to answer Client questions or deal with any matters arising during the enquiry, contract, negotiation or production process.

Special Risk Insurance

Experience has taught us that sometimes not everything goes according to plan. For this reason we carry specialist insurance to cover situations that could not have been reasonably anticipated.


Image Licensing of Celebrity Legends

Since 1970 we have arranged for images, film and video of many legendary celebrity icons to be used in advertising and endorsements in close co-operation with their Estates and legal representatives. Full information is available on our website www.dead-famous.com