Posted by Paul Grimwood on Oct, 30 2021

Katie Piper Partners with Samsung

Katie Piper has partnered with Samsung to launch Galaxy Life Gym

Katie Piper for Samsung

Katie Piper has partnered with Samsung to launch Galaxy Life Gym, a pop-up gym experience which aims to counter ’gym-timidation', and is 'powered by the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Samsung’s latest smartwatch that champions a holistic approach to health tracking'.

The TV personality, who has recently returned to the Loose Women panel, enjoys yoga, swimming with her two daughters, and has picked up running again since lockdown.

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The author and mental health advocate commented, "The UK has been through a complete wellness transformation the past 12 months. Being without the gym for so long has meant we have had to adapt and find new workouts that make us feel alive... Above all else, it is so important to be kind to yourself and do what's best for your mind, body and soul."

But Katie, 38, swears by affirmations to keep her mind and body in check. She’s made it part of her daily routine and has even written two books about it.

Katie, who founded the Katie Piper Foundation after being a victim of an acid attack which caused major damage to her face, in March 2008, says she’s always been an optimistic person and looks for the good in a situation - which she thinks she gets from her dad.

As a mental health advocate, Katie is supporting Samsung’s Galaxy Life Gym, set up after a Samsung survey found 83 per cent of people agree that the gym can be an intimidating experience, with half (50pc) worried others will judge them, and 35 per cent feeling not fit enough.