Posted by Paul Grimwood on Mar, 03 2021

Halle Berry Partners with FitOn

Halle Berry and her lifestyle brand Respin have collaborated with FitOn.

Halle Berry for FitOn

Halle Berry and her lifestyle brand Respin have collaborated with FitOn, launching a workout series on the free fitness app.

The Oscar-winning actress is teaming up with her longtime trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, on a series of workouts you can do just about anywhere. The best part? The workouts are totally free to access.

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Halle Berry recently announced the partnership on Instagram, sharing that the pair's rē•spin wellness platform is launching the workout series on the FitOn app, a fully free digital fitness platform with an ever-growing library of workouts guided by celebrity trainers.

The American actress posted, "These will give you a taste of our Respin YOUR FIT at-home programme. You can expect some martial arts inspired exercises, plyo and more…they will get your heart pumping!".

As for what you can expect from Thomas and Berry's workouts, the pair promises that the sweat sessions will "get your heart pumping." The duo will guide you through a mixture of martial arts-inspired exercises that are perfect for honing your mind-body strength, plyometric movements to build your power and agility, and straight-up weight training for some serious muscle gains.

Halle Berry is famously a fan of mixing up her own workouts, and she's a longtime martial arts devotee, so it makes sense why she's sharing with fans some of the workouts she does in her fitness routine.