Posted by Celebrity Group on Jul, 18 2013

Penny Lancaster

Penny Lancaster is a legendary blonde beauty with a high-profile and, at 6'1", a toweringly tall super model. She is also the wife of pop star Rod Stewart. Heavily involved in dance -- tap, ballet and modern -- from the age of 6 onward, Lancaster had early dreams of becoming a professional. By the time she was 16 years old, however, Penny was so lithe and tall that she felt aerobics, not dance, would be a better route. Six years later, Lancaster was so dedicated to aerobics and the lifestyle that came with it that she decided to turn this love into a career. A rich deal with lingerie company Ultimo became Penny's claim to fame as she, wonderful legs included, became its spokesmodel. Unfortunately, Ultimo CEO Michelle Mone pulled a publicity stunt by dropping Lancaster and hiring Rachel Hunter in Penny's stead. The two models had been verbally sparring over Rod Stewart, who was Lancaster's boyfriend and Hunter's estranged husband. After meeting Rod Stewart in 1998, Penny Lancaster took up a relationship with the singer and saw her career skyrocket. She became a photographer for Hello! magazine and continued her ascension in the modeling world after being discovered in her early twenties. She and Rod married on Saturday, 16 June 2007 at La Cervara near Portofino, Italy. A qualified fitness instructor with 12 years experience Penny has her own fitness workout video on the market - "Ultimate Body Workout with Penny Lancaster". To top it off, she released a line of hair removal products aptly called "Hot Legs." Just as she became a certified fitness trainer, an obviously talented model scout picked Lancaster out from the crowd and suggested she consider this line of work. Always game, Penny jumped right into the role of model and supplemented her income nicely as a statuesque blonde. Lancaster was announced as one of the fourteen celebrities taking part in Strictly Come Dancing Series Five.