Posted by Paul Grimwood on Oct, 08 2021

Lucy Edwards for Pantene

Beauty influencer, YouTuber and disability activist Lucy Edwards has been announced as Pantene's new brand ambassador

Lucy Edwards for Pantene

Pantene have announced Lucy Edwards as their new brand ambassador. The beauty influencer and disability activist is part of Pantene's mission 'to strive for greater accessibility in the beauty industry'.

Edwards, who suffers from vision impairment, will lend her voice to Pantene for its Silky & Glowing product range as the group develops more beauty skus with accessibility in mind.

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Through this initiative, Pantene has also introduced NaviLens to its products and packaging. NaviLens is described as 'unique technology for visibility impaired people who have difficulty using traditional signage and therefore cannot be autonomous in unfamiliar environments'.

Lucy Edwards commented, "From experience, visually impaired people in the UK - including myself - feel overlooked and misunderstood by the hair and beauty industry. I can’t wait to work closely with Pantene on leading the way in creating a more inclusive industry, and society - not only for the visually impaired, but for everyone!"

Throughout her career Edwards has garnered a strong following on social media, boasting 1.7 million followers on TikTok and more than 400,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.